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Olivolea, a moisturizing and nourishing treatment enriched with omega 3 and vitamin E antioxidants that ensures over 28% skin moisture after 4 hours.

Its effect: the juiciness of the most delicate and sensitive skin, the renewal and awakening of the skin’s natural defences.

Olivolea has created a complete range of balms and creams designed to maintain the softness of baby skin and combat irritation and dermatitis, and allow the skin of mothers to regain its firmness and elasticity.

Licotriz crema regeneradora intensiva

Licotriz intensive regenerating cream

The uniqueness of an intensive regenerating cream.

Comprised of a unique formula that combines olivolea, zinc oxide, "Licotop" rosehip and the high activity antioxidant of pure tomato lycopene extract, among other ingredients,...

Gel de baño

Gel de baño

El gel de baño y champú de Olivolea es un gel suave e hipoalergénico, con un ph específico para la higiene dermatológica del bebé y de alta tolerancia en la zona vulvar e íntima. Mantiene la función protectora propia de la piel durante...

Crema hidratante cara y cuerpo bebé

Baby moisturizing face and body cream

Because the most delicate skin requires the utmost care.

Baby and newborn baby skin requires daily hydration, necessary to maintain its elasticity and smoothness continuously. Olivolea baby moisturizing face and body cream...

Bálsamo regenerante bebé

Regenerating baby balm

Because the most delicate skin requires the utmost care.

Baby skincare during nappy changing is one of the most important concerns of a mother. The skin of a baby's bottom is delicate, fine and soft, and friction with nappies can...

Crema reafirmante antiestrías

Firming, stretch mark cream for pregnancy and nursing

Perfect and smooth skin is firmer and cared for skin

There are times in the life of women when skin is a faithful witness to the many changes our bodies go through and is particularly susceptible. 

Delicate and exquisitely...