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My earliest memories of olive oil are linked to the family estate, and the image of my father arriving home with a sample of olives every evening after the first harvest. 

My passion for olive oil and its properties led me, upon completion of my specialty in Dermopharmacy, to subsequently develop the first Olivolea magistral formula.

Olivolea is a cosmetic formula with natural plant extracts specially designed to project and care for the most delicate skin. With a sublime oil, I have developed effective cosmetics with excellent sensory properties. Due to the quality of the ingredients used, the oxidation barrier has been overcome – a major issue involved with using essential oils – and have created cosmetics with remarkable properties for skin care.

Our Olivolea formulas contain olivoleina, rich in essential fatty acids, which helps to restore the skin’s natural balance and recover elasticity, giving it the fresh and silky appearance of a healthy and cared for skin. 

A committed and demanding person, a job well done and with rigour motivates me, which is why my intention is to turn Olivolea into a first-rate project from the selection of natural ingredients and their formulation, to the production and presentation of the products. To this respect, its quality is guaranteed by the different clinical tests and studies conducted, always ensuring it maintains its excellent sensory properties.

Olivolea involves strong emotional and personal commitment, making it a project that goes beyond cosmetics. The vision and values I have acquired during my life underlie its evolution and entrepreneurial spirit. The characteristics of the products are a faithful reflection of this and transmitting all this is essential for me.

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Why Olivolea

Skin is the first barrier that provides the necessary protection against external aggressions, environmental pollutants and UV radiation. Natural cosmetics are a gift to our skin. Active ingredients penetrate deeper the more similar they are to our hydrolipidic layer, and this is why our formulas integrate natural substances as similar to our skin as possible in order to obtain better results and be truly effective. The synergy of Olivolea’s active ingredients makes our creams an exceptional ally for every type of skin, whilst adapting to their specific needs.

The essential component of Olivolea emulsions is olivoleina, rich in essential fatty acids that restores the skin’s natural balance and helps reduce premature aging. Added to olivoleina, are carefully selected and treated natural and plant components.

Preventing stretch marks, protecting the skin of the nipple during breastfeeding, caring for the delicate skin of newborn babies, Olivolea is indicated for those stages of life when skin is particularly sensitive and vulnerable and demands special attention and care.

Olivolea, a moisturizing and nourishing treatment enriched with omega 3 and vitamin E antioxidants that ensures over 28% skin moisture after 4 hours.

Its effect: the juiciness of the most delicate and sensitive skin, the renewal and awakening of the skin’s natural defences.