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Licotriz crema regeneradora intensiva

La excepcionalidad de una crema regeneradora intensiva


Tubo de 40 ml

29.99€ (Incluye IVA)


The uniqueness of an intensive regenerating cream.

Comprised of a unique formula that combines olivolea, zinc oxide, "Licotop" rosehip and the high activity antioxidant of pure tomato lycopene extract, among other ingredients, with soothing and softening properties.

Prevents scab formation and skin irregularities and smoothes scars, reducing their visibility and encouraging their disappearance. A carefully studied formula that also constitutes a preventive treatment for stretch marks, haemorrhoids, bruises and psoriasis type severe scaling.

Licotriz can be applied directly to stitches, protecting the wound from the early stages of healing, and is indicated in the treatment of all types of semi-deep skin lesions once they have stopped bleeding.

Licotriz immediately calms the area of the lesion by reducing itching and tightness in seconds after application.

Licotriz is a formula that can also be used as a complement to various solutions currently used on wounds linked to a variety of treatments: surgery, radiation therapy, laser, cryotherapy...

Aqua, Olivoleina* (Oliva Europaea Fruit Oil), Zinc Oxide, Calendula Officinalis oil, Bisabolol, Rosa moschata oil, Allantoin, Hammamelis virginiana extract, Solanium lycopericum extract, Tocopherol, Lactic acid.
*Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra de primera extracción en frío con alto contenido en ácido oleico.

Apply a sufficient amount of Licotriz once or twice a day on the area to be treated once clean and dry, massaging gently, and allow it to be absorbed slowly. Apply once a day on varicose and venous ulcers. Clinically Tested.