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Crema reafirmante antiestrías

Una piel perfecta y tersa es una piel reafirmada y cuidada


Tubo de 200 ml

19.99€ (Incluye IVA)


Perfect and smooth skin is firmer and cared for skin

There are times in the life of women when skin is a faithful witness to the many changes our bodies go through and is particularly susceptible. 

Delicate and exquisitely smooth skin needs specific treatments, but a mother’s skin also requires special attention: pregnancy and breast feeding put the dermis to the test.

The Olivolea line is particularly indicated in stages of life such as pregnancy and breastfeeding when creams that have natural oils such as olivoleina in their composition help to keep skin well hydrated, making it more elastic and recovering its natural flexibility.

Aqua, Olivoleina * (Oliva Europaea Fruit Oil), Centella asiatica extract, Tocopherol.
*Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra de primera extracción en frío con alto contenido en ácido oleico.

Not only the inevitable weight gain during pregnancy is the cause of stretch marks, but also the lack of elasticity of the skin. To help prevent them it is advisable to massage your skin every day with nourishing creams, and you can start from the third month of pregnancy by applying Olivolea Reafirmante Antiestrías.

In the shower use neutral and nourishing soaps, and then when you dry your skin, do not forget to apply the cream by giving a gentle massage to your whole body.

Apply twice a day in a fine layer on clean and dry skin in upward circular motions.