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Crema hidratante corporal familiar

Delicadeza y suavidad para toda la familia


250 ml

15.99€ (Incluye IVA)


Soft and gentle skincare for all the family

Olivolea family body moisturizing cream is specially formulated to help our skin recover the hydration and elasticity that characterize healthy skin. With olivoleina and Vitamin E, this cream is indicated for everyday use for the entire family, helping to regenerate from the most sensitive skins to the more mature.

Aqua, Olivoleína* (Oliva Europaea Fruit Oil), Tocopherol.
*Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra de primera extracción en frío con alto contenido en ácido oleico.

Olivolea family body moisturizing cream is indicated even in the case of hypersensitive, convalescent or senescence skins. Keeping the bottle properly closed and away from sunlight will help to better preserve the qualities of the product.

Apply daily on clean and dry skin, and massage in an upward circular motion until completely absorbed.